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Where did these guys come from?
Mini Potbellied pigs were first introduced to the western pet market in the 80's These pigs are tiny in stature when compared to their farm swine counter part. True miniature pigs from a reputable breeder should weigh well under 100 lbs. with some breeders producing lines that top out at 60 lbs or so. Compare this to the older standard or poorly bred (so called mini) pigs that grew to as much as 200 or a farm pig bred for the table that typically ways five times that of a mini pet pig and can tip the scales at 1000 lbs.

What should I feed my pig?
Pigs will eat just about anything but good nutrition is important. You can find food formulated for potbelly pigs in hardware stores, feed stores, and pet stores. If you are using regular pig food it should be a finishing product and not a grower. PBP's enjoy many types of vegetables and fruits. Pigs with fat rolls over their eyes or a belly that touches the ground are easy visual indicators that the pig is overweight. Although they have a pot belly and a swayed back, these are not indicative of weight. Pigs
with proper weight still have the sway and belly, but the hip bones can easily be felt with minimal pressure and the eyes (whole socket) should be easily visible.

I was told that there is no such thing as a miniature pig, is that true?
When someone tells you that there is no such thing as a miniature pig, it is presumed and often stated that those who offer mini pigs for sale are lying or starving the animals so that they don't grow. As you can imagine, if the breeder is both an honest person and an animal lover that could make that breeder pretty angry. So let's not sugar coat this... those are ignorant people, or people with an agenda willing to make ignorant, uneducated statements when they know nothing of what they are professing. Or they simply want to mislead you. You are in the position to give any such fool who would say such nonsense an education. The fact is, that there are miniature versions of just about every species on the planet. Think of mini- dogs, horses, cows, goats, ducks, chickens... people. Just about any creature can be selectively bred to pronounce certain characteristics like size, color or behavior, etc..

Should Pigs Be Vaccinated?
There are two schools of thought were vaccination is concerned. This is because the vaccines available were developed for farm swine. That's right, there is really not a vaccine specifically for potbelly pigs. Additionally, pot bellies usually come equipped with a very good immune system. So, why fix what aint broke, some might say. If you do vaccinate, remember, it is not uncommon to see adverse reactions and there is a possibility of over vaccinating. Rabies is all but unheard of as pigs are resistant to it and the vaccines are not yet even approved for pigs.

Should Pigs Be Wormed?
Now your onto something. Pigs, like many animals that spend time outdoors, are susceptible to worms. The best advice is to use Ivermectin 1% solution. This should be done twice yearly at a dose of 1cc per 50 lbs of animal. You can give the the solution by injection, orally or on their food. Ivermectin is a very evolved anti-parasitic which is a favorite among many types of animal breeders and relatively safe treatment for a broad range of worms.

Will my pig grow tusks?
When piglets are born they have very small sharp teeth called "needle teeth". These are baby teeth and will fall out at around the first year. All pigs can grow tusks but don't be alarmed. The development of tusks depends largely on the sex and age of the pig and whether the male is neutered. Generally the tusks don't grow past the lips
or fully develop until about two or three years. Some pigs may have tusks that don't protrude at all. Tusks should not be removed and should only be trimmed in the event that they present a problem for the pig or the owner. This should be done by a professional both familiar with the procedure and proper anesthetic.

How big do potbelly pigs get?
Many of the pigs sold as mini potbelly pigs can mature to a weight of over 150 lbs. Some breeders produce true Mini Potbelly Pigs, bred for small size which can, when not overfed, stay between 30 and 60 lbs give or take.
Some careful selective breeders produce what would be referred to as Micro, Wee or Teacup pigs. These can be very small and it is possible to achieve adult sizes as small as 20 to 30 lbs.

Do they do well with dogs?

As a rule they do well with dogs, however if we're talking about dogs large enough to hurt the pig this can be a dangerous situation depending on the nature of the dog. You will see many instances were dogs and pigs live in harmony for years and then, on occasion you may see a dog snap and cause harm to a pig because of a confrontation over food or some such. Most people knowledgeable about PBP's caution against ever leaving them together unsupervised.

What other kind of mini pigs are there?
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