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Roses fall 2010 litter

Pink and a black 4 day old micro piglets

Miniature Micro Vietnamese Potbelly Pig Photos 


I'm not sure if you remember, but my boyfriend and I bought our pig from you back in November (she was the runt of the litter). I've been meaning to send some pictures but am just now getting around to it. We absolutely LOVE our little Lucy and she has been such a wonderful pet! We took her to the vet you recommended (Avian and Exotic Pets in Raleigh) to get her spayed and all her shots in January, and the vet told us they had never had a mini pig that wanted to be held and cuddled so much! I guess that's why we can't keep her off our laps for more than 2 minutes :) We take her everywhere we go and she does so well with other people and pets. We have definitely spoiled her rotten! Anyway, I just thought I would send you an update and some pictures. Hope all is well!

Meredith T


This little cutie was scooped up by Tracy G. and family. Thank you for the pictures of Rosie and we are so glad to hear that you all are so happy and she is getting lot's of love!


Potbelly pigs were first introduced to the western pet market in the 80's These pigs are tiny in stature when compared to their farm swine counter part. While many so called miniature pigs grow to over 150 lbs., true miniature pigs from a reputable breeder should weigh well under 100 lbs. and generally top out at around 60lbs. Compare this to a farm pig bred for the table that typically ways five times that of a mini pet pig and can tip the scales at 1000 lbs.