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Preparing to bring a bring a pig pet?

Here are some good things to know!

Space When you first introduce your piggy to their new environment, it is important to have a designated, controlled area in which you will have the necessities such as food, water bedding (possibly a kennel), an appropriate

litter pan and some toys. An impervious floor is a good idea in case there is an occasional accident. Many people use a mud room or a laundry room for the first one to three weeks for this purpose. It is good for both you and your pet to have this designated area until the pig is acclimated. This will help the pig with the transition by making it feel secure and comfortable with all of it's amenities close by and of course it will help you to keep in control of the training and the general situation.

Feeding There are specialized feeds that you can find at many hardware stores, feed stores and pet stores. While it is not critical that you buy the most expensive feed available for your potbelly pet, it is very important for you to understand their particular needs and to keep them healthy by not over or underfeeding. Remember that these are pigs and pigs will almost never stop eating. What is of the most importance is that you give your pet a feed that contains the proper and balanced nutrition. Feeding them regular pig feed that is designed to grow a commercial hog to market weight will have disastrous consequences.

Litter The favorite litter for pigs and owners seem to be pine pellets as they are very attractive to piggy, they are very absorbent and have natural odor control. These pellets are available in most pet supply stores and some grocery stores.

For a litter pan you will want something that will be large enough as your pet grows and it should be shallow enough to be easy to access. A lot of folks use water heater overflow pans that are found in home improvement stores.